Snow Camp

We are funding our third Snow Camp apprentice, Jake Duggan

We are in our third year of providing funds to Snow Camp for its Apprenticeship scheme. Jake Duggan, 18, is the apprentice we are sponsoring this year. Jake is a skier.

Jake grew-up in a small council flat in London with his parents and little sister who suffers with a sensory disorder and ADHD. Living in a very small flat with a family member who needs his support, Jake did not have the time or space needed to be able to focus on schoolwork or to socialise with friends. He couldn’t enjoy all the things that an average teenager would normally do.

His time at Snow Camp has allowed him to build his confidence; improve his communication skills; become more assertive and improve his punctuality.

While lock-down has brought a temporary halt to his apprenticeship work he has been helping to deliver online coursework sessions, mental health workshops, ski and snowboard technical workshops and young people ‘meet-ups’ via online video.